Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fiesta de la Magdelena

Photographed an annual, supposedly religious, festival here in Iztacalco DF, in the colonia Magdelena de Mixiuca. Almost every little neighborhood in the city has their own version of this, but generally they consist of beat up carnival rides in back alleys, lots of beer/tequila (plus varied mixtures of the two), and VERY unsafe fireworks. Ours even had a 'running of the bulls', where a dude puts on a huge bull-shaped hat loaded with fireworks and chases people down the narrow streets while they go off. AWESOME!

Saqué fotos de una fiesta anual, supongo que religiosa, aqui en Iztacalco en la colonia Magelena de Mixiuca. Casí todas las colonias tienen algo muy similiar, generalmente con juegos en las calles, mucha cerveza y tequila (y mezclados como la cubana), y fuegos artificiales MUY peligorsos. Nuestro tuvo un corre de los torritos. ¡INCREDIBLE!

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