Friday, August 10, 2007

More from the Willits Ren Faire

Here are some more shots from two weeks ago at the Renaissance Faire in Willits, CA. This weekend is the Pittsburgh Faire, so stay tuned for those.

That's Tamra, holding a lockett she carries with a pictures her son Brian at his baptism -- at a Ren Faire. Brian, who is now officially a Duke, is a Faire Brat. And so is Tamra's other child, Kimberly. These friendly and outgoing people epitomize the familial nature of Faire community.

Alan and Judy are leather workers based in Willits. They travel to Faires around the region, selling their wares.

Sailing Diptych

Put this together today -- Two shots of the Italian team recovering after capsize.

World FJ Championships

Last Friday, August 3, I photographed the FJ World Championship sailing race, held off of Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay. Here are some pictures of the sailors readying their boats.

Japanese Sailors: These guys are awesome.

And now out on the water, which was rough. It was a struggle to keep my gear dry, much less compose and focus.