Saturday, April 12, 2014

Diabetes type 1 for the New York Times

A few weeks ago I did a gig for the New York Times, which ran last Sunday April 6th.  It is a sprawling piece about the increasing cost of health care technology and medicine for the chronically ill.  For my part I was lucky enough to photograph a wonderful family in Oakland, who have a daughter with Diabetes Type 1.  You can read the excellent story by reporter Elisabeth Rosenthal here.

Below is the full-frame version of the shot that ran, and an outtake.  Thanks to Gabrielle, her family and Beth at the Times

The insulin pumps Gabrielle Woodland and others use for Type 1 diabetes are efficient, but expensive.CreditNathan Weyland for The New York Times

Gabrielle tests her blood sugar level with a glucose reader.  Photo by Nathan Weyland

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