Sunday, July 1, 2007

30/06 in pictures

This is my first post, so I just want to mention one quick thing.
This is a photo blog. I will limit the amount of text, for both of our sakes. However, I do want to give some context to the images, and a little bit about my experience in finding them. Hopefully you will find those comments relative.

Yesterday I walked the five blocks over a windy hayes hill to the Fillmore Jazz festival. I found the official stages had been disassembled, but a group of people were dancing to a band playing in a packed club. They had a speaker facing the street through an open window. This is the Fillmore I love.

My friend Phil, second generation Italian-American and San Franciscan:

On the walk home, a flag hanging over the sidewalk caught my eye. I made about 10 frames as it danced in the wind.

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CreativeNative said...

Your work exemplifies the perfect eye for capturing our surroundings that we often walk by without noticing've got a great knack and talent!
Judi B "Guido's Momma"